Help forward


The phone rings at a local church with another request for assistance.  Trish is struggling to pay her light bill which just keeps going up and up. She has a newborn baby and 2 other young children and dad just went to prison.  She’s alone with no family to help out so she’s had to leave her job to care for her children during the hot summer months.  That means the power will be cut off soon and leave them all in the extreme heat.  She’s asking for money to pay the bill.


This is a common situation that many community organizations and churches hear from those they are trying to help.  With each story, they have to ask themselves what the best way is to help without doing more harm than good. 


The easiest response is to pay the balance of the light bill.  But next month, what will happen?  Trish will be back with another bill that needs paying.  How can they provide help that will lead to her being able to pay those bills herself, restoring the dignity God has given her?  They recognize too that each family’s situation is different and may require a different response.


A house fire left Jim and Mary in a state of crisis. They reach out to a neighborhood church who tells them about Link2Hope.  They create a profile on Link2Hope and start finding community resources that can help their specific situation. Jim and Mary share some urgent needs such as clothing and toys for their kids.  Folks from a local church as well as a community organization quickly provide them with the clothes they need as well as some toys for their children.


Isabel fled an abusive relationship with her children and must find immediate safe shelter.  Isabel receives counseling and help to take the legal steps to protect herself and her children while finding a job and a new home so she can rebuild her life. At the shelter she learns about Link2Hope and signs up. She learns about an upcoming Jobs for Life class and signs up, knowing that this class will help her to move forward in finding meaningful work to support her family. She also finds some great articles and videos that give hope and comfort through this very hard time.


Gerry and Lynn are struggling financially but have not experienced a crisis like Isabel or Jim and Mary.  Their situation is the result of many interwoven factors like trauma, poor education, emotional or physical issues that prevent them from working full-time.  A handout sounds great because it would take the stress off for a little while, even if it is degrading to ask for money. What they really need is help in setting goals for personal growth and financial independence. Gerry and Lynn want change that will pull them out of the cycle of always being behind financially and needing help.  Gerry hears about Link2Hope at a local food pantry.  He decides to give it a try.  He finds a class on managing finances and decides to sign them both up.  He also sees some needs posted.  There’s a need in his zip code by a single mom who needs someone to look at her car that is making a funny noise.  Gerry does all their car maintenance so he decides to volunteer and help out this young mom.  Link2Hope has helped him realize that he can give back to others, not just ask for help! 


Link2Hope was created with folks like Jim and Mary, Isabel, and Gerry and Lynn in mind.  We offer ways to set and reach goals that will give you back the dignity that God intended for you as one created in His image.  Link2Hope builds in relationships with others who care and want to help you reach your goals.  Get started today by creating a profile, adding a trusted friend to your inner circle or as an advocate, and then get started with the resources and providers right here in Link2Hope.