Jobs for Life Testimonial

When Clarisa learned about the Jobs for Life™ class, she thought it would be a good way to refresh her job search skills.  She had been employed a long time, but it wasn’t a career, just a job.  But once the classes started, she realized that Jobs for Life™ is much more than just building resumes and honing your interview skills.  She began to learn how to use things that had happened in her life to find the career she wanted and to recognize her value and to be comfortable with who she is. 

In the third week of class, Clarisa gave birth to a precious baby girl who quickly became her motivation for completing the class and taking advantage of all that she learned.  She has enrolled in Virginia Western Community College to begin studies that will move her toward her goal of a career in Human Resources.  

Clarisa says that the biggest gain for her from Jobs for Life™ is perhaps the relationships.  She met a different group of people who are good-hearted and hard-working, the kind of people she now wants to be with and become.  These new friends have encouraged her to improve herself in many ways.   

Maybe you are like Clarisa – you feel an untapped potential in yourself, but you aren’t sure where to start to make a change. Or maybe you aren’t even sure if you have potential, but you’re willing to give it a try! Learn more about becoming a student here.

Jobs for Life is much more than just building resumes and honing your interview skills.