What we believe:

poverty alleviation

Welcome! We are so glad that your organization is checking out Link2Hope, and we hope that we will be a valuable asset to the work you are already doing with neighbors in need. We understand that for every organization, perspectives are important, so we want to explain a bit of our perspective so that we can work together most effectively. 

1) Link2Hope is administered by Friendship House Roanoke, a nondenominational Christian nonprofit that is committed to working alongside local Christian churches to faithfully serve the surrounding neighborhood with the teaching, grace and mercy found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We encourage our volunteers to share their hope in Christ, but with respect, love, and gentleness. Whether or not someone chooses to accept Christ, we seek to love and serve them with the same love that we have been shown. We are thankful for the many organizations, Christian and non-Christian, that we work with, and we will never force someone to profess belief that is not theirs. We do reserve the right to choose not to include a particular individual or organization that is starkly in opposition to our values. 

2) We believe that all humans are created in the image of God and are therefore deserving of respect and dignity. We seek to empower families and individuals to make changes in their lives through encouragement, mentoring, and accessing helpful resources. We believe that teaching and equipping others is more dignifying and helpful than simply doing for someone else, and we acknowledge that people must want and truly be ready for change in order to seek it. 

3) We look at three basic levels of need: relief, rehabilitation, and development.  

Relief: an immediate need that, if it is not met, will cause harm. (For example, a house destroyed by fire; a family with no food.) 

Rehabilitation: working with a family to help them make progress in moving ahead. (For example, working alongside a family to build or repair a house.) 

Development: providing the tools a family needs to make changes. (For example, providing career coaching assistance for someone to pursue further education and/or a new job.) 

As individuals move through the platform, they answer questions that determine where they should be placed on this scale. We fully acknowledge that members of our community land on all three of these areas for a multitude of reasons and in diverse situations. Through Link2Hope, we seek to move individuals and families through the stages so that they can move ahead in healthy ways. 

If you have questions about Friendship House or Link2Hope, please check out www.friendshiphouseroanoke.org or contact us at friends@friendshiphouseroanoke.org 


We believe that all humans are created in the image of God and are therefore deserving of respect and dignity.