What is link2Hope?


Welcome! We at Link2Hope understand that nonprofits and ministries function in many different ways. This overview is intended to help you understand how Link2Hope works and how it might be integrated into the things you are already doing. 

Joining the platform: Anyone can join the platform, but there are different user types depending on how a person would like to get involved. Family/individual users join to share their needs, receive resources to help them in making life changes, and connect to people who want to help them. Advocates may be invited by families to join or may be assigned by Restoring Hope Roanoke upon completing training. Volunteers are community members interested in offering help through donating goods or services. Nonprofits can share the kinds of services they offer and get connected to families in need. Churches can also share about their church families and any programs they offer. Businesses can share their services and any discounts they might offer for platform users. 

How It Works: Questions have been generated for each user type so that the artificial intelligence in the platform can understand more about their needs and interests. Each user will answer questions upon entering the platform and then receive customized resources relevant to his or her situation. 

Connect to Others:  Each user can connect with others within the platform by invitation only.  A family is encouraged to add an advocate and trusted and friends and family as their inner circle. In A volunteer connects to the family they help as well as the provider they volunteer through.  Each user can connect to providers by simply clicking the Connect button in that providers profile. Connect to individuals from your Connections tab and choose Add A Connection.

What Resources are Included: Link2Hope includes several types of resources:

  • Service providers include local nonprofits and ministries. Their services and contact information are included, and users can contact them directly within the platform.
  • Articles and videos are linked from several different sources. They provide encouragement and teach about a variety of topics, from employment to childcare to money management and more.

What’s the Best Way to Use It: We encourage service providers to actively share this with clients who might be interested and use this as another connection tool. Sit down with your client and walk through the registration process together. Connect inside the platform, too. Check in occasionally to see if they’ve made progress in answering questions and what resources and connections have been helpful.

Still have questions? Contact us.

User types include family/individual, advocate, volunteer, nonprofit, church, and business. Where do YOU fit in?