THe Advocate role


Being an advocate is an important role in the Link2Hope platform, one that we take seriously and we hope you do as well.  As an advocate you have agreed to step up to support and encourage a friend who is struggling. 


We offer training for our advocates and strongly encourage you to sign up for the next training event.  These trainings take one evening of your time and are designed to help you get started in this role.  Link2Hope is also full of resources that will help you continue to build skills. 

An advocate is a person connected to an individual or family in need who provides support in various ways.


Until you’re able to attend a training session, we encourage you to visit the following resources and to spend some time praying for your Link2Hope friend.  These resources are mostly articles and videos.


A Deeper Look At Poverty  (video)

4 Key Relationships In Life  (article)

We’re all Poor – how we all experience brokenness  (article)

Understanding How People Change (video)

What is an advocate? (article)

How to Help Without Hurting (article)

When Helping Hurts (book)

Below the Surface: The Hidden Rules of Culture in Relationships (article)

Addressing the 5 causes of poverty (article)

Signs You May Be Enabling Someone (article)

Praying For Those You Mentor (video/article)

Helping Without Hurting Seminars and Equipping Allies trainings  (article)

If you have questions or concerns at anytime about your role, please feel free to contact us at or 540-523-1098.